Who We Are

Gatherhaus is the brain child of photographer Katrina Hannemann and author Dani Tietjen.  They paired up to create a space where community can find inspiration for simple and intentional living.

Gatherhaus fosters ideas outside of convenience and convention.
If you are looking for a community that prioritizes life expression through nurturing, sharing, creativity, and purpose, you have come to the right place.

Gatherhaus is a lifestyle.  It is a community that longs to be inspired and inspire others.
It focuses on the heart of the matter, simple, pointed and rich.


Gatherhaus is a free Facebook community where you can catch glimpses
of the goings-on and learn of new events.


You can also be a part of the Gatherhaus community by subscribing to the blog where we post about our Gather Events, interviews with inspiring people doing incredibly creative things, encouraging lifestyle ideas, and nourishing recipes for your body and spirit.  This is where award-winning photos and inspirational words come to together to move you towards intentional living.

Are you interested in being a part of the Gatherhaus community?  Subscribe now.


In the future Gatherhaus will be a brick and mortar location – a co-op lodge where classes will be held, events will be hosted, and you can come to be inspired or rent the space for a private family celebration/occasion/fete.


Are you interested in joining the community at a Gather event or having
Kat and Dani host one for you?  Contact us today!


Katrina Hannemann and her husband John run Studio Laguna and are highly sought after wedding, family, and event photographers.  To view more of their work, check out www.studiolaguna.com for weddings and family, and www.stulagu2.com for food, architecture, and event photography.

Dani Tietjen has traveled the world speaking and has recently broken into the writing world.  To read her other writings, and see where she is traveling next, follow her at www.danitietjen.com.

Jesse Hughes is the amazing creative that got this fabulous blog going!  She and her family are Creature Works Labs, a full service website developing company that does everything from logo design, to brand management, to large scale website builds.  They are based in Waconia, MN, and work for companies around the country.

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