True North

In Reflect

“He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how.” – Nietzsche

It is about holding on to what is dear and steady and true.
It is about constant waters running deep.

Peace that is not easily unsettled.
Strength that is not easily shaken.
Roots and wings.

Sure of what is real.
Daring to take risk.
Confident of the unknown because of the enduring hope that holds us.

American culture is obsessed with “How” to do life. This belief that if we can guarantee that we are “doing” it right, we will be safe. Comfortable. Secure. Right.

Yet there is no risk in security.  There is no depth in comfortable.

It is moving out of the shallows and into the mysteriousness of the deep. Searching the depth of our consciousness to understand our hearts and know our own mind and soul.

When we live in the why of our life, we live in passion and earnest. We move boldly with the knowledge that our hearts guide us closer to our truth.

Getting all the instructions in how to live our lives leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. It reeks of programed institutionalism at the sacrifice of deep creative expression. Where the accolades of a person mean more than the integrity of the person. When we measure a person’s worth by the collection of their actions instead of the measure of their character. Their “how” in lieu of their “why”.

Knowing why we do what we do gives us the ability to live with passion and conviction. It means we can move courageously through our life because we have shown up to the hard work of asking the hard questions. The churning of our spirit and our deep well questions. We can then give a reason as to why we behave the way we do.

We are no longer mindless and lost when we live in the heart and soul of our purpose.

Here in this space at Gatherhaus, we promise to always strive to motivate and inform through inspiration. To tell stories of those who live by their personal truth and work towards empowering others to hear their own rhythm. To dig deep into our own hearts and minds and share lessons learned as we too try to live in a deep and rich well of enlightenment.

As we reflect on the past and look to the future, we feel the weight of our lives. May the true scope of our humanity, influence, and impact push us towards an awakening of our soul. To desire to be a people of consciousness that can fight for respect for all people, all living creatures, and the earth we call home.

The old has gone, the new is coming, each day fresh with possibility and second chances and new beginnings. Though we experience this today in lieu of a new year, may we hold this true on every sunrise and sunset.

Our benediction to you on this eve of a new trip around the sun.

May you move in the “Why” of your life to know “How”.

Happy New Year.

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