Choosing an Intentional Life

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It begs the hard questions. It strengthens your resolve. It is proactive.

We can take life as it comes. Living half a life responding to what we are dealt. Never questioning why it has to be the way it is. Never saying, “I want more or I deserve more.”  Intentional living doesn’t settle for what you’ve been given, but it also doesn’t live in the “what ifs” or the “once this happens, I’ll be happy.” It doesn’t believe all the untruths we are told or tell ourselves. It puts purpose in how we live our lives, in our current situation, and experience quality in our everyday.

Intentional living requires that we dig deeper. We ask questions. We wonder why.

Why do we live this way? Why do we eat this way? Why do we raise our kids this way? Why do I invest my time the way I do?


Gatherhaus is committed to asking these hard questions and finding a way to live life that strips away all the unnecessary stress of life. We are committed to finding rich and deep ways to live our lives. We want to ask those questions for you and with you. It is a powerful journey to step out of convenience and find your own path.


Intentional living is worth the hard questions. It is worth the research and the change.

Intentional living is beautiful and and fulfilling. It is rich and rewarding.

Intentional living evokes inspiration and has the power to change
lives and families and communities.

Join us in our quest for living intentional lives.

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Gatherhaus is the enchanting reality of bringing these rare and beautiful pieces together.
People, places, art, and food that inspire us and make us chase after dreams
of deep, rich community, and fulfillment.


  1. I just found you recently. Can’t quite remember how. I am enjoying your posts. I am a creative living here in the Twin Cities and would definitely be interested in learning more about Gatherhaus and purposeful, intentional, simplified living.

    • John, I am excited you found us! Thanks for your encouragement. We really love what we do and are just really trying to find a way to keep doing what we love and providing others with a bit of encouragement and inspiration.

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