An Urban Harvest Supper

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Together we plan and create. Together we gather and eat. Together we drink and sit and enjoy.


The Harvest Supper has been a family tradition for many years. It is hands down, my absolute favorite day of the year. This year Gatherhaus sponsored it, in our little backyard in the middle of the city.

The Harvest Supper takes time and in so doing communicates the importance of the people in your life. It says, “Before you even enter this gathering, I have thought of you. I have walked my garden and found food to serve you. I have searched my grandmother’s recipes to find a pie that will be pleasing to you, my friend. I think of you as I plan my days around cooking and cleaning for your arrival. You are important to me because I choose to spend this time creating something beautiful and flavorful for you and I to enjoy together. I carry you, my friend, in my heart as I prepare a space for us to be together.”

This year’s event was a celebration with pie! In order to have the Harvest Supper, all must participate and contribute to the feast. It reminds us that we are in this together.


The Gatherhaus aesthetic is very homespun in nature. Reusing and recycling dishes and pots and fabric for new purposes. It is a marrying of the old with the new. More than that, I absolutely adore being able to give new life to family heirlooms. Using mine and Paul’s grandmother’s quilts to sit for dinner or lay across our laps by the fire connects us to history. It reminds us that we are not alone, and that there is a great big world that went before us and will continue after us. We need that reminder to pull us out of our independently obsessive nature. It grants us perspective that there is more to the world than our seemingly small lives.

I believe that by simply existing, those who attend are drawn to this sacred table and enchanting evening because it stands in stark contrast to the modern age of convenience and consumerism…it is everything that Gatherhaus strives to create in our events.




Creating intentional space is a priority for Gatherhaus events.

We eat on plates and use silverware that was a wedding gift to past generations. The table cloths are old bed sheets. The vegetables displayed in buckets and baskets are directly from my garden to be preserved into sauces the next day. The flowers that grace the tables and give beauty are cut from the yard, an old dresser becomes a place to store drinking classes. Everything that surrounds us reminds our souls that we live in a history filled with life and love and connection. It warms my heart to know that we together can gather our average, everyday belongings and turn a backyard into an enchanted garden where we sit for hours under twinkle lights and reconnect to the earth and each other.



Friends came early to decorate.

Everyone brought pie and wine.

Kids bobbed for apples and played lawn scrabble, twister and glow in the dark bowling.

Being outside with the grass under our feet and the clouds as our ceiling. To eat alongside the garden where the food came from, reminding us that we are connected to the earth. A connection that drives us towards fulfilled living.

And when the evening was growing quiet, everyone pitched in, washing dishes, putting tables and chairs away, and together we wiped the remnants of the lovely evening storing it away for another gathering.



We transformed a city yard into something magical and when we did, people came in droves. Neighbors stopped by and brought their friends. People drove hours to participate and spend time in the city. And right in the middle of our urban dwelling, we created something magical and enchanting and beautiful.

For me, this sacred supper draws all of us back to what our soul longs for to feel alive.


Good, local, real, homemade food.

A connection to the past which enhances our present.


This event was based on community. We all brought food to share, cleaned up after ourselves, and played with each others’ children. From vintage sheets as tablecloths, to heirloom quilts to keep us warm, to centerpieces picked from our gardens, this event was homespun, prudent, and local. Everything we love and value! This is what Gatherhaus is all about!

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Gatherhaus is the enchanting reality of bringing these rare and beautiful pieces together.
People, places, art, and food that inspire us and make us chase after dreams of
deep, rich community and fulfillment.


  1. I am a big fan of pretty taelbs, of dining (even if just a casual lunch, or even if outside) being a bit of an excuse to pretty things up & just create a little haven, for wine & salad to be indulged in. I really love the first picture with the crate – not to self, get a crate! x

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