Garden Speakeasy Dinner Party

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I believe we have a deep desire to be connected, to be valued, to be seen. We long to be a part of something that makes our souls come alive and our hearts beat not just for ourselves, but also for each other.


The heartbeat of the Harvest supper is community and Hygge, a Danish understanding of space and feeling.  A coziness that embraces simply being with others.  The glowing light, conversation, being engaged and together.

People and space celebrated with delicious food, excellent drinks all set to the sounds of blues and jazz under a roof top of twinkle lights.




People and space.

Relationships and essence.

The hygge created at this gathering sets the stage for enrichment of relationships and the conversations and ties that bind strangers to friends both enhances and transforms the space. They are intricately connected. One does not exist without the other.

This gathering celebrates the very core of who we are in its elemental essence which is divine and connected and deeply human.

It is connection.

Connection to each other.

Connection in the food that fuels us as we gather on the grass under the breeze next to the very source of dirt and plants that gave us the harvest. We are nothing without the food we put in our bodies. We are nothing without the people we share those meals with in relationship to one another, the earth, and our bodies and souls.



Connection to people and space.

More than any other gathering, the Harvest Supper can not exist without community. It is as a whole that we pull together to create this meal and transform an ordinary city lot into a lovely magical outdoor celebration.

Everyone pitches in. The entire week before the harvest celebration our home is filled with friends coming to wash dishes, to clean space, to decorate and loan furniture. Together we cook and clean and create ideas of how to put together every little detail that sets this gathering apart.



It is in the truest form, a modern day barn raising. But we replace building barns with building community…floorboards are connection, walls are hope, and a roof is acceptance, where all people are welcome. All people have a place at the table. (Or a patch of grass as it were. There were so many folks!) No one is turned away, (even the neighborhood kids and passers by walked off the street to join us) because the bounty is plentiful.


We build the space together.

We build the meal together.

We build the moments together.

We build the connections together.

We do the work together.

We do the relationships together.

Everyone is needed. Everyone has a job for the gathering. Everyone is welcome.

For this one moment, it feels that all is right with the world because we are in it together. And yes, it was partly chaos and wonderful. The yard was filled with bees, drinks were being spilled, kids ran amok, people were meeting folks who fall outside their normal…and it was amazing. This opportunity to embrace the reality with what we all long for, connection.



Another year, and it is still my favorite day. My greatest joy of celebration. Thank you to all who came, all who helped by coming early and staying late! A huge thank you to Rudy’s Event Rentals for the PERFECT Gatsby inspired tables and tassels that welcomed folks as they entered. Right at the gate, you were transported to a magical space because of the decor. Every detail was intentional, and handmade. Mightier Inc. did an outstanding job at dreaming up and mixing special cocktails for this garden speakeasy. Having a trusted friend head up the bar was such a gift. Thank you Henry Graf for upping the class at this backyard shindig.

We love this supper so much, and there is always so many thoughts and feelings. Take a gander at last year’s supper for more eye candy and thoughts on the uniqueness of this event.

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  1. This looks and sounds so enchanting. Absolutely lovely. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing. – Adriane Reeves

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