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Time to explore.  Time to discover.        Time to play.                     Time.


We have lost the art of giving our kids time. There seems to be less and less free time for children to discover and invent all on their own. The age of the overscheduled child and helicopter parent has replaced the hours of exploratory play that allowed a child to discover the world, in their own way and in their own time.


Sports, dance, music, language arts, sailing, scouts…the list for activities is endless, and as parents, we want a whole host of opportunities for our kids. Intentional parenting, however, begs you to ask the hard question: “Is this right for our family? Is this good for my child?”


It is a huge desire for us that our children have a childhood free of scheduling. When we gift our children with hours of free time, they now have an opportunity to fully explore. Giving our children time to play (and even time to be bored) urges them to use their imagination in a way they can’t achieve in the short moments they have between one activity and the next.

It takes strength to stand up for what you want for your children. It is an active choice to say no and to purposefully choose simplicity over opportunity. This choice involves giving our children the gift of discovering themselves, their interests, and their passions on their own.


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