The Importance of Tea Time

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It creates time to slow down. It is good for you and encourages reconnection in your relationships. It is tea time.


An important part of parenting sanity is incorporating a daily rhythm. I am always searching for ways to both create intentional time with my kids and give them traditions that are beneficial to their well-being as they grow into adults.

Tea time allows us to take a moment out of life’s hectic pace, sit down and talk with one another about the day. It gives me space to ask them pointed questions about what happened in school, what they learned, and how they are feeling; to reconnect. It communicates to them that no matter what mom is doing, they are a priority.


Getting the kids to drink tea was fairly easy. Most teas are rich in antioxidants that help prevent many diseases and boost the immune system, so you could start with anything that sounds appealing to your family. We started with an herbal rose tea with honey and cream. We have slowly worked up to white teas and green teas, paying close attention to the caffeine factor.


Our snacks vary from day to day. Sometimes I have time to bake scones or muffins, but most days it’s fruit, or veggies and hummus, or a nut mix, or granola bars. The specific food isn’t what matters – it’s the tradition we are creating. A habit of sitting down to a cup of tea together; talking, reading, reconnecting.

What makes this family habit truly magical is that it seems to stop time. Taking a pause in your life to be with the people that matter and making them a priority strengthens your relationships. It has quickly become one of my favorite activities with my children.


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