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The inspiration behind who we are and how we desire to live.


Purposeful: It is claiming that yes, yes you do have a voice in your own life. It is moving out of the status quo and embracing what you want for your life made out of what life has given you.  It is making the most of what you have and choosing directions that enforce your ideals and goals.

Intention: Is the concept of being thoughtful for the journey you are on. It is stepping back, evaluating, researching, processing, and choosing what is right for you and your family.  Purpose is the direction you want to go, intention is the path to get you there.

Simple: It is the art of saying enough is enough. Weed through the chaos of your mind, your heart, your life, your home and just hold onto the few things that bring you joy and find inspiration from those and those alone.  More is not often better, paring down lets you curate your life more intentionally.

Journey: Never forget that you are on one, and never judge those who are before you, behind you, or on a different road completely. Be gentle with yourself and others as you navigate this thing called life and what it is supposed to mean to us and how we can impact positively others in the world.

Prudence: Wisdom comes from living within your means. It is more than a Colonial American ideal of simplicity, but is the act of truthfully stripping away that of what we do not need. It is the process of using and reusing what you have to create art, life, and beauty.  Prudence doesn’t include a budget barrier, but is simply a thoughtful process of not spending money just to spend, of making sure every purchase has a purpose and reason.


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