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Bored. It can be a word that fosters frustration or opportunity.

We all get bored. All of us at some point say to ourselves, “I have nothing to do. What can I do with myself?”

We could retreat to our smart phones, computer games, or watching endless online movies and Television series.

Or we can ask ourselves these Five questions:

Have I…

B een helpful
O rganized a project
R ead a book
E excerse 20 min
D one something creative

As adults it is useful not to get stuck in bad habits of making a best friend with our couch. Even more so, I would venture, it is critical as adults to teach the kids in our lives how to handle boredom.

These five questions leave room for endless hours of entertainment, discovery, imaginative play, and healthy habit forming techniques.

One of my goals as a parent is to help guide our children into adulthood equipped with how to handle themselves and life through a lense of self awareness. I hope this tool will help them manage their time, utilize their brains, and hopefully awake a creative expression of themselves.

Next time your kids say they are bored, try not to get frustrated, but instead, implement the B.O.R.E.D. banner!


Don’t forget, you can create your own list as well! Use the “O” for “outside play”. Or the “R” for “run a lap around the block”. The “D” can be for “done the dishes”. The sky’s the limit.

Or you can do the tried and true method of dealing with complaints about being bored, and make your kids clean the toilet. I’m kind of in love with that solution as well.

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