Gatherhaus for the Holidays

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In the spirit of the Danish Hygge, and Gatherhaus’ core value of intentionally living with simplicity, we are moving away from a blog each week this holiday season and will feature only two articles this month.

We love Gatherhaus. We love this community. We love finding amazing people doing incredible things, researching interesting new trends and ways to live more simply with purpose. In order to keep these values in practice and not only in theory, we are choosing to scale back this month to be with family, rest sick bodies, and be present for this magical time of year. We are only allotted so many hours in the day, and so we choose to present in the lives of those we love. We hope you are able to do the same.


If you are still looking for some really fun, out of the box Christmas gift ideas, check out this article we featured last year focusing on Vodka in gifts.

Or if you are looking for decor inspiration, we wrote an article about that last December.

Still need to do some Christmas or Birthday shopping? Gatherhaus is on Etsy! Check out why we started shop and then head on over to the shop and see some darling gifts that you can still get before the big day!


Are you struggling to find some quiet this season? This summer we wrote an article about Taking Pause. I just re-read this one before I listed it. It’s a good reminder for us all I think.

And… just in case you didn’t know, Gatherhaus is on Facebook where we link up inspirational articles and tips and tidbits. “Like” us so you can receive your almost daily boost!

Scrolling through Pinterest these days for Christmas ideas and recipes? Follow the Gatherhaus boards and never miss the beautiful finds we pull from our blog and other artists we follow!

Thank you all for your continued support. Thank you for being a part of this community. We believe what we write about, and it is in that spirit that we peacefully take a step back to create Hygge in our homes and hearts this holiday season. May you find peace and joy and hope this season, and some moments of quiet and calm to enjoy the magic that comes this time of year.

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