The Hustle

In Reflect

Do you ever grow tired of the hustle?

I am in the hustle stage of my career.  Gatherhaus is in the hustle stage of it’s life; the farm, the community, the urban garden, the Etsy shop. It is the constant motion moving and working towards a goal of success that always feels elusive. It is exhausting. Spinning the wheels. Burning both ends. The notebook next to my bed to catch all the stray thoughts that I can’t be without before I am fully lulled to sleep.


It is going to bed late and waking up early. It is putting yourself out there. Over and over and over. It feels like exposure and constant risk taking with a strange measurable reward. And they say it won’t always be like that, but truthfully? I’m tired of hustling so hard.

Work harder. Get noticed. Find a paying client. Make a better product.

The hustle is real.

Yet in the midst of the hustle, we must catch the light. The rest. The beauty. The pause.

Kat just got back from a destination wedding in Hawaii, she has been photographing weddings for 15 years now and she and John have been able to travel the world because of that hustle.  It isn’t easy, she constantly feels like she has to start over, meet new people, defend her worth as an artist, but she has worked hard the past few years to really appreciate the amazing moments she gets to experience.  Even with Hawaii being a short trip she made sure to breathe, take in every sunset and be present.

Those things remind us what it’s all for.

You’ve got this. You are not alone.

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