Frozen Birthday Party

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A DIY Frozen birthday party full of activities that did not break the bank.

We do very low key birthdays and holidays at our house to enforce that it isn’t about gifts, but about family.  But the wannabe Martha Stewart in me needs to once and a while have an outlet.  So crazy awesome birthday parties come once every few years.  The bonus to this tactic is, LESS stress, and when it is a year for a fancy party the kids are super excited for it.

Lyra turned 5 and asked for a Frozen party.


What I do with any party I throw is to see what we have on hand and work the decor around that.  I don’t want to purchase anymore than I have to.  Our wall of birch tree wallpaper inspired the color palette of staying neutral with whites, and we then added in a vibrant blue as our other color.  I have mostly white and clear serving dishes and decor so that worked perfectly and we also pulled out our sparkly white Christmas decorations to use throughout the house.


I bought large paper snowflakes off of Amazon for a few dollars, as well as some bulk candy in whites and blues.  Blue sugar pebbles held up white sticks of rock candy, and we bought one bag of cotton batting to be our snow.  The kids loved decorating the front room with the snow.


I was trying to find something for the kids to drink, since I didn’t want to serve soda or juice, and came up with the easiest idea ever…melted snow.  I had little blue and white sugar sparkles if the kids wanted to mix it into their water, but most drank it straight.  It was literally just water with a lemon slice in it, but the label made it cool.  We served water in little mason jars I already had and I bought birch tree straws, and bamboo compostable plates and forks to use for eating cake.


And then there was the centerpiece.  THE CAKE.  Sweet Blooms is an amazing company and Jessica has made most of the treats for my kids ever since I met her and tasted her amazing desserts.  This is the one place where we are really REALLY spoiled.  Lyra asked for a mango vanilla cake and Jessica put shards of sugar ice all over it.  We made it the centerpiece placing it in front of our crazy gold frame (the front room is usually our client consultation room) and surrounding it with snow and candy.



LOOK at that ice!  What a work of art!

My husband drew a few snow scenes so kids could color.  We had a build your own snowman station and played “stay on the iceberg” a game we made up kind of like musical chairs.  And of course we snuggled up at the end of the party to watch the movie and enjoyed watching all the kids sing along dramatically to the songs.


By using mostly items we already had and getting creative, we were able to throw this big impact party for an easy on the wallet price.  It was fun to plan and enjoyable to create, and letting our kids be a part of the process made it even more memorable!

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