Guess What? I Love You.

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It is such a simple phrase.  I started saying this to my kids when they were really little.  The “guess what?” got their attention, the “I love you” made them smile.  It was so basic, but when compounded over the years, it has become a family thing.  It is said many MANY times a day.

Sometimes I mix it up… “Guess WHAT?” I’ll ask.  Cooper will roll his eyes, “I know…you love me”.  And then I’ll say, “dude, relax, I was just going to tell you that we were having chicken for dinner” (which gets another eye roll).  But most of the time the kids beat me to the punch.  “Guess what?”  is followed with them saying I LOVE YOU! quickly so they say it before I can, and becomes a quick little game. It is one of those things they’ll remember into their adult hood, hopefully a game they’ll play with their kids.

Once I whispered to Ainsley, “you know I love you right?” and she said, “of course, mom, you say it all the time”…so simple, so basic, yet so needed.  When thinking of family traditions, try something simple and easy, and repeat it often.


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