“In the Belly” Launch Party

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In an underground movement, local artists and art financial backers came together at the Old Bunn Candy Factory, now newly renovated as the home of Anchor Film Studios. It was a gathering of minds and dreams crafted in ambitions for the artistic community, and Gatherhaus was honored to be a part of the first meeting.

Ft. Wayne sits on the cusp of an artistic revolution. Local artists, city developers, and investors shared drinks and ideas in support of creating not just support for the arts, but an artist revival. Currently, artists are scattered around the city, and it is the goal of this coalition called “In the Belly” to create a structure and framework of support and accountability for artists. It’s goal is to give them a place where they can learn to work hard, rest hard, and play hard together as their art develops.




Currently “In the Belly” meets on a monthly basis. The artists involved find support with one another as they discuss current projects and the future of growing to accommodate more artists and creating an space to gather. Local developers also attend these meetings so that the future is always on the forefront of their minds in creating art culture.


The “In the Belly” launch party was a huge success in connecting people and casting a vision. Gatherhaus is proud to lead the Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter and serve one of the country’s leading art communities. The flagship chapters of “In the Belly” will develop a program of what has worked in the midwest to nurture artists and how that can transcend into other diverse cities and communities.

Stay tuned for more news on how “In the Belly” develops its artists in Ft. Wayne, Minneapolis, and more cities around the country.  To find out more about this artist revolution, or to start an “In the Belly” chapter in your town, you can contact Henry Graf through his website www.henrygraf.com or Facebook.


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  1. I’d like to join the group. How do I sign up? I am the founder of the DeSoto Art Gallery (now 1301 Art Gallery/Prana Yoga). Sal

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