Boho Hideaway Tent

In Create

It was an idea born out of a desire for a place where reality slips away, and you can easily slip inside the enchanting book cradled in your lap.

In our home, no such nook exists. So I set out to create one.

My limitations were space and finances. In an effort to remain prudent, I found my way around these obstacles by taking our nook to the natural elements, our garden backyard. Though it is not weather resistant, I love that on sunny and cloudy days, we could tuck away to a different world…even just one to color in.


An old fence panel served as the base for stability. Sticks found in the woods along the bike path were the bones and structure. We dressed it with a string of lights and I pulled my favorite vintage sheets from my fabric stash for beauty and an array of color. Pillows thrown around provided comfort for long stays and blankets made it possible to stay warm renewing the idea that you never wanted to leave.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create the space for mystery and magic to happen. Sometimes when we learn to create our own little world full of wonder and loveliness, we realize we have the power to bring it to the world we live in.

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