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Something incredibly human happens when we share food together. It is the most elemental and primal aspect of our flesh and blood. Our physical bodies need food to survive. In the same regard, connecting with each other is what gives purpose to being alive.


It’s more than a gathering, or the newly-discovered favorite wine (or beer or cocktail) you are drinking.  It’s more than the smells and colors of the feast centered on the table, or the story of the plates of which you choose to eat.

It does have a lot to do with the people you invite into your life, your heart. It has a lot to do with who is gathered around the table to enjoy the feast .

I love having people around my table to share a meal, and I love it when they come early to  get their hands dirty in the kitchen with me. When I throw a dinner party, whether classy or backyard style, I always reserve a special bottle of wine and a small plate of cheese and meat and fruit for those who come early.


There is such joy in having guests come early to help prepare the meal. It is now no longer about providing a gift of food or experience for your guests. Having everyone in the kitchen working together, cutting and prepping, stirring and mixing, sipping wine and sneaking tester bites transforms your kitchen into a holy space. You create something together with your hands, your imagination and your creativity. When you open your home to others, you inherently open up more of yourself. You invite strangers to become friends and friends to become family. You let them into the process and the mess, allowing them to participate in the making of something special.


I love sharing delicious, full-flavored, mouth-watering food with friends. There is no greater joy than sitting around a table, slowly drinking a good wine and letting a meal take hours to enjoy. When no one is in a rush to leave, the stories flow and the laughs are contagious. People recline in their chairs, happy to be together, tasting and sharing the flavors of the meal.


In the end, you have more than just a meal together with friends. You have created and made an experience with your hands. You allowed more time and hours to connect your lives together with people who matter. You make spills and laugh at your ridiculousness. You taste and take bites off each others’ spoons and forks. You stand side by side washing and drying dishes. From beginning to end you are in it together. Which is a lot of what life is supposed to look like.

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