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It is a gift with purpose and a treasure for the next generation. It is a token of the heart and a keepsake of time spent.

Legacy gift giving is about passing something on to your children that is a piece of you, a part of their history, and a way to always connect to family. I love giving legacy gifts to my children. They now know that at every Christmas and birthday, there is the present from Mom and Dad, and then there is Mom’s special gift. A gift they look for. A gift of surprise. A token of love and affection that Mom made just for them.

If you feel unqualified for sewing projects, find someone special in your life who might be able to help out.  My mother-in-law sews and crafts at a professional level. One year I asked her if she could make a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll for the kids. I couldn’t do it, but I found someone who could help me create what I couldn’t do on my own.


One year I realized that my daughter had a whole little family of soft stuffed animal bunnies. I found a simple pattern at the fabric store and made her a special tiny pillow embroidered with a sleeping bunny on it.


That same Christmas my son had outgrown his baby blanket. I took a collection of some of his old baby clothes, some of mine, and some of my husband’s. I matched it with scrap fabric, an old vintage sheet, and voila: homemade quilt! (Trust me when I say, I’m not that great of a seamstress, so I believe you can do it too!)


Legacy gifts don’t have to be large or difficult. All it takes is a little awareness and planning. Watch your kids and see what they like and how they spend their time. Think of a couple fun little things that you can pass on to them. Things like your favorite doll when you were younger, or your whole collection of He-Man figures (my husband loved and collected ALL the figures and has them stored in our basement). Another place I love to look is at antique stores and flea markets. You have no idea the treasures you can find there to give as legacy gifts to your kids! I found a fun “Big Book of Texas” at a secondhand shop, and since their dad is from Texas, it meant something to them and the kids loved it!


Search Pinterest for ideas and allow yourself lots of time to work on it while the kids are sleeping. Even at a young age, children recognize the value of homemade, hand-crafted gifts and will treasure them. Shown above are my sons bow ties made for the holidays.  The small stuffed owl was a gift to my middle child who loves tiny things and pockets.  A quick cut out, some simple hand stitching, and his present was done.

Giving legacy gifts creates a connection and intimacy between generations, establishing roots that will strengthen as they grow.


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