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Hello, wonderful Gatherhaus readers!  We’re making a change this week and having me, Katrina, write.  Which means the words won’t be as elegant or beautiful as Dani’s, but since we like to share stories of creatives who are forging their own path from the usual, I wanted to chat about my family photography journey.  How I’ve moved away from pretty to real, and how capturing those real moments sings to my soul.

What is your favorite photograph of your family?  That one picture of your mom or sibling or dad or grandparent that captures their essence?  The one picture you always think of when you are remembering someone?  I bet that the majority of those pictures aren’t posed, or with the subject wearing their most curated outfit.  I bet the majority of those pictures are real moments, a fleeting smile, a gesture, a specific place and time that burns with emotion.  A typical day.

This is why when I do family portraits, I try to stay away from super posed.  Sure, you need a couple of those in a session, but my family photography is about capturing real expressions, moments, and emotions.  I used to label it as “lifestyle” photography, but now that term suggests a very posed stock photo type of look.  I want real, I want to see a family as they really are.  And that is why I have fully embraced Day In the Life photography.


Day in the Life portraits are still portraits.  They aren’t shot from the hip, they are carefully framed, the subject matters, it is true photojournalism.  I love this style of photography as it encourages families to be themselves and to ignore the camera.  To stop worrying about their image and to just focus on their family.  It also delivers images to the family of the ins and outs of a typical day, complete with dance lessons, cooking dinner, reading together, and their hobbies.  Those memories, in the long run, are the ones that stick…the ones that matter.





On top of photographing the people of a family, I photograph a home.  Interior design is a love of mine, and I know that people put their souls into their homes.  So I want to also capture how things look, the family pet, anything that helps tell the story of a family.


So next time you think about having family portraits taken, think outside the box.  Look for a photographer who embraces a photojournalistic style.  Think about having someone with you for an entire day.  Something as simple as a trip to the farmers market and making lunch together can produce beautiful images.  And they are images that will pass the test of time, that will be valued by family members who aren’t even in existence yet.

And you can even incorporate a momentous occasion in a day in the life session, like these parents who decided to tell their girls they were having another baby, and used the images as their announcement to their entire family as well!



If you ever want to look into having me photograph your family in a Day in the Life session, just let me know!  I have set up a separate website for this style of photography and would love for you to check it out and spread the word!  Day In the Life Portraits

Live life to the fullest.  Capture those moments.  Be real and genuine.

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