Where I’m From – A Mindful Exercise

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It can be incredibly important to stop and do something that seems trivial.  Purposefully sitting down and reflecting, doing something just for you, can have a huge impact…it is why journaling is so freeing, spilling thoughts out on a page can truly change the way you think and your perspectives.

We would like to give you a guided meditation today based on the I Am From project.  Take 20 minutes to complete this exercise, we promise, it is worth it!  Be present and still and open.

First, download the Sara Bareilles’ “Once Upon Another Time“.  Then go to a darkened room, lay down, make yourself comfortable and listen to this transcendent song.

Afterwards, spend a moment with your journal and create your own “Where I’m From” poem.  It is like a mad lib, and creates a lovely nostalgic experience.  Afterwards, share it!  This short exercise in thoughtfulness affects you…give it a try!

Here is the poem to fill in…replace the words in parenthesis with your own…

Where I’m From

I am from (a specific item from your childhood home),
from (two products or objects from your past).
I am from (a phrase describing your childhood home)
and (more description of your childhood home/neighborhood/surroundings).
I am from (a plant, tree or natural item from your past),
whose (personify that natural item).
I am from (two objects from your past),
from (a family name) and (another family name).
I am from (a family trait or tendency) and (another trait or tendency),
and from (another family trait, habit, saying or tendency).
I am from (a religious phrase or memory).
I am from (an ancestor) and (another ancestor)
from (two foods from your family history).
From (a specific event in the life of an ancestor)
and from (a detail or event from the life of an ancestor).
(a memory or object you had as a child)
I am from those moments (conclude by finishing this thought or repeat a line or idea from earlier in the poem).

There you are!  Done!  We’d love to hear your poem on our facebook page or here in the comments!



  1. I am from the land of waffles,
    from cooties and fishing poles.
    I am from running free
    and rural America.
    I am from snap dragons,
    whose pedals so delicately talk.
    I am from hatchets and stone,
    from Ulm and DeBusk.
    I am from working and caring hands,
    and from a broken mind.
    I am from the golden rule.
    I am from Germany and England
    from dumplings and the sea.
    From immigrants
    and from war torn countries.
    Warm visions of love and salvation
    I am from those moments interconnected with everything.

    • This is AWESOME. I love that you make snap dragons talk, too! I have fond memories of my mom doing that when I was a little one.

  2. Where I’m From:

    I am from Cinderella murals,
    from 6-foot lightning bugs and tap shoes.
    I am from the ugliest pink house near Ramona’s park
    and post volcanic ocean air.
    I am from pink dogwood trees,
    whose knotholes held faerie portals.
    I am from microphones and caboodles,
    from Ruth and Elvina.
    I am from eye-covered sleeping and over-explaining,
    and from unending goodbyes.
    I am from and also with you.
    I am from McAdam and Blair,
    from cashew stir fry and cherry pie.
    From upper class-lower class love affairs,
    and from eye for an eye ambushed covered wagons.
    Papa Smurf big wheels.
    I am from those moments but they are not all of me.

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