Keeping the Party All About the People

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At Gatherhaus we love hosting social events which are mindfully created affairs that foster beauty and connection.

From the small backyard dinner to the big soiree, parties are an opportunity to express your personality and live out your values. The whole process of designing and planning these get togethers is thrilling for us at Gatherhaus. The ideas start flowing, you brainstorm with your friends and source ideas from Instagram and Pinterest. The quest to create that special space however can often override even the best intentions of mindfulness. They can also be a temptation to let loose on your budget and forget yourself in an effort to host the best social of the year. We all want the fun party without all the stress right?

My first born turned thirteen this past weekend. We don’t make a big deal about birthdays every year instead choosing to keep big celebrations for significant ages.

Thirteen is a big deal. It is an age that reflects a significant season is upon us. The teenage years hold quite a bit of transformation in them which is worthy of a celebration.

Over the years Gatherhaus has learned a few tricks to throwing creative, homespun, low key events and we wanted to share some of that inspiration with you!

Before any planning starts, we begin with the heart and soul of the person, season or reason for the celebration. This particular backyard dinner had an ease in planning because my son is young at heart, colorful and sentimental. He wanted time with friends in his home with some of his favorite food and games.

Decor was as simple as pulling out all the family trinkets we’ve saved over the years to hold fresh picked flowers and dishes. Grandma’s quilts were perfect for kids to sit on and eat. Chairs, an antique rug and random tables from the house created a cozy living room atmosphere while still being under the sun and clouds. Vintage sheets and extra colorful fabric was draped over tables to add flair.

My son’s favorite colors are blue and purple so we dug through old fabric and cut up strips of material, tied them on string and hung them outside for an easy and simple bunting. Friends helped piece all the elements together while we drank wine and hung out the night before. We cut up old cardboard, got out the kids markers and went to town on a creative, colorful birthday sign. This is also a really great way to get the kids helping!

Hint* A pre-party is the best way to go when hosting gatherings. Invite your friends over, drink wine, eat frozen pizza, cook and laugh and wash all the dishes. We put a movie on for the kids and it was almost more fun than the actual birthday party!

A Baked Potato and Taco bar were on the menu! Do they go together? Not really, but the birthday boy gets what the birthday boy wants! It was easy to do all the food prep the day before.

Party goers enjoyed birthday punch. Any recipe works, and takes a party from fun to pizzaz! We brought out old colored glass for a splash of color and offered wine and cocktails for the adults.

This laid back outdoor party consisted of dinner, music, bobbing for apples, bean bag toss and scrabble. The kids ran circles around the house, opened presents, consumed way too much sugar and enjoyed a variety of pies for dessert.

It was created with a make ahead menu.
Included fresh food from the farmer’s market and community garden.
Planned with little cost.
Organized around the wishes of my kid.
Almost completely no waste.

It was homespun and sentimental, valuing time with guests over organization. It was friends who are family that come and pitch in and do it all together. What a gift to be in the creative world, bringing the beauty of joy, friends and life together for a perfect September evening.

At Gatherhaus we hope you find joy and purpose in the planning of your next get together!



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  1. Love this! Dani, you’re always great about throwing parties!! Wish I could have been there. 🙂

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